ASSURE Model (Siri 1)

  1. What are the primary types of criteria used to analyze learners?
  2. Why are learning objectives an important aspect of lesson planning?
  3. What are the four components of a well-written objective?
  4. List abd describe procedures for selecting, modifying and designing strategies, technology and media


1. The primary types of criteria is

A – Analyze learners
S – State standards & objective
S – Select strategies, media, technology & media
U – Utilize technology, media & material
R – Require learners participation
E – Evaluate & revise

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2. Its important because the objective helps them to understand what the learner should achieve in the end of the learning. Not just what is the input on learning, behalf of that the student would feel confident to talk and sharing with others.

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3. ABCD which is :

A – Audience
B – Behavior
C – Condition
D – Degree

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4. Using 5 P’s technique :

  1. Preview the technology, media and materials
    ii) Prepare the technology, media and materials and make sure all is function well.
    iii) Prepare the enviorenment
    iv) Prepare the learners – infrom to the learner earlier make sure they prepared before the class start.
    v) Provide the learning experience

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