Characteristics of 21st century Learner

  1. Discuss the characteristic of 21st century learner.
  2. How important we as an educator to know 21st century learner?
  3. How its effect technologies in education?


Characteristics of 21st century Learner.

1. Discuss the characteristic of 21st century learner.

Talking about 21st century learning is very important aspect. As we know, 21st century is a modern era which is using technology as our daily life. As a student of 21st century, has to develop their skills in mastering with the tool of technology. Using technology in a classroom become a common things, so a learner should know how to develop their understanding of using technology. With the recent technologies, student has the best oppurtunity to learn in a appropriate way and understanding. As a 21st century learner, global understanding should be practices in a classroom. Other than that, student in 21st century are able to manage, analyze, synthesize the information from a different sources and different format for purposes. They tend to analyze before taking for unnessesary things on as a sources. Student in 21st century act as an innovator. Innovator such as generating original ideas by using their own understanding, curiosity, imagination, creativity, performance and etc.

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2. How important we as an educator to know 21st century learner ?

It is very important for an educator to get along and understand the 21st century learner. In order to catch up with them, teacher should learn something new to teach them in a various form. With a new teaching style which is using a technology as our sources will make the student learn faster. The 21st century teacher need to look forward for the future. By understanding the 21st century learner, an educator become easier to collaborate and work together as a team. Work as a team may contribute to an effective learning such as sharing the ideas and knowledge to the student. An educator should know and adapt 21st century learner is important because teaching material is going to change form time to time moving along with the generation. An educator should posses the new style of teaching for the 21st learner in order to have an effective learning experience for the students.

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3. How its effect technologies in education ?

Technologies become a common things in 21st century. The needs of technology in a classroom may experiencing the new environment of learning. Technology such as computer are essential in education. Educator should master the uses of technology to teach the student. 21st century learner has to develop 4 C’s which is creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.  To develop 4 C’s on 21st century learner, it aquires a technology-infused learning environment. Teaching the learner to use a technology in a proper way and progressively. Technologies help the student in decision-making, problem solving, teamwork and innovation. 21st century learning style is way much efficient with combination of technology in a classroom.

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