1. Define cyberlearning and provide an example of a classroom application.
  2. Describe cyberlearning literacy and discuss how it maybe used in the classroom.
  3. Identify three web 2.0 resources and demonstrate an example of how they might assist learning.
  4. Explain why social networking issues important for the classroom.


1) Cyberlearning is a digital learning by using network computing system and communication to support learning process. For example using an interactive powerpoint presentation.

Resources :

2) Cyberlearning ability is great experience in learning process. By using cyberlearning, student can come to class without going to a campus. Cyberlearning ability in classroom shows a benefit towards the teacher and students. By preparing any media such as video and audio helps the student to understand more rather than traditional method. Teacher also used information in internet as a supporting point on the lesson.

Resources : 1)

3) i) Audio and Video editting tools 

This tools provide a range communication towards the teacher and student. It allows teacher to communicate clearly with the students. Audio and Video tools provide teacher using an audio editor and video editor for a computer.

ii) Blogging

It allows a teacher to communicate with student in visually. By updating a question or a statement in web, student may discuss the topic given by a teacher. For example using wordpress as a tools of learning between teacher and student.

iii) Mind Mapping

By creating a creative mind map using web 2.0, it can attract the student in learning. There is a lot of intractive mind mapping tools in web 2.0. Teacher able to draw a simple and fun mind mapping to make student like to gain knowledge.

Resources :

4) Social networking can make student engage one with another very quick by virtually without using any cost. It is important because student will developing a communication skills by using social network. Another good impact is student are using educational tools such as blogger to interact with other people. Discussion can be made by replying on the web blog sites with teacher or among friends. For my opinion bad thing is happening alot than good thing. This is because usually social network is the main causes student fail in examination. Alot of time consuming, social network distract the focus of the students towards study and learning process.

Resource : 1)



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