Principles of Effective Instruction

  1. What are the eight principles of effective instruction?
  2. Describe the similarities and differences in the principles of effective tecnology and media utilization.
  3. What is the text literacy


1. i) The first principles is review and revise. This principles is an effective learning because of recall back the previous learning and relate it to the upcoming topic may strengten student knowledge.
 ii) The second principles is present new material in stages. Human brain cannot posses a lot of new things in one time.
iii) The third principles is questioning the students. Asking a bunch of question helps students to develop their knowledge.
iv) The fourth is provide a role model. By using a teacher as a role model, students will learn faster following the demonstration and solve the question from a teacher.
v) The fifth is provide a guide. A good instruction is when the teacher navigate their students correctly.
vi) The sixth is check their understanding. A teacher should check their student understanding from one point to another in order to make the information and knowledge is clear.
vii) The seventh is provide a test paper. To test their knowledge, sitting for a test is necessary to know whether the learner understand and mastering the information.
viii) The eight is scaffolding. Move along the students and help the student until they success.

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2. I do agree with sharifah nurhuda which is both effective technology and media utilization is important in 21st century learner. The function is almost the same depends on how it will be used for a different purposes. Yet, they both need a specific requirement literacy. For the differences is effective technolgy is based on provide a learning with a specific guideline for a student to learn but using a media utilization is more to accesing and understanding the media.

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3. Text literacy is a common set of skill which is fucntioning to develop cognitive. Literacy is a writing and reading.

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