Defining Multimedia

  1. Media
  2. Multi-media
  3. Multimedia


1. Media : Media is a “medium” that transfer the information to a people indirectly. Media is can also be define as new life style that able to make people to communicate and interact by without seeing each other. Media consist cinema, television, video, radio, recorded music, advertising, newspaper and magazine, computer games and the internet. Oftenly, most of the media used is “mass” media. Term “mass” media is involving a large numbers of audience rather than some media which is only include a specific audience.

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2. Multi-media : Multi-media defined as “Multiple-media” which including more than one media. Multi-media is a combination of image, text, sound, video and animation. Other than that, oftenly multi-media were relate to ‘filmic and sound content” by using computer.

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3. Multimedia : Multimedia is a various combination of components such as text, sound, image and video. Multimedia is used to deliver an information by using those components to audience. Multimedia oftenly used for an education learning.

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