Elements of Multimedia

Listed the important elements that should be consider in the development of multimedia products.

Answer :

Elements of Multimedia

1. Text : Sequence of alphabelt and numbers that are readable by a human. Text is also a form of informative message to an audience. This will help  audience to understand the content.

2. Image : Image is a potrayal of a visual context within a form of two–dimensional by using a binary code. Image helps audience to understand the  exact meaning of any translation visually.

3. Audio : Audio is a sound system that can be recorded and played back in a computer. Audio has it own memory that can connect with the speaker. Audio helps an audience to hear any type of sound or music range and genre.

4. Animation : Animation is a combination of series image that can create a movement. Animation can be produce in any shape such as geometric shape or organic shape.

5. Video : Video is form of technology that can record, processing, transmiting, broadcasting of compilation of visual image into a scene of motion. Video helps to attract an audience to enjoying the scene that is display. An effective video may brings the audience to another set of imagine dimension.

Resource : https://ch3d33n.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/ch-1-basic-components-of-multimedia.pdf


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